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Denim Care: Simple Tips to make your jeans last longer

written by Abraham Ortega.

There is no doubt that denim is one type of fabric that is present in everyone's closet but - Are we taking good care of our denim? - A simple way to find out is to follow the tips of the all-time denim industry leaders Levi's and their Definitive Denim Care Guide.

  • Wash less
  • Wash Cold
  • Line Dry
  • Repair


All of the above are essential tips that will help you keep your denim looking good for a long time - But, What about keeping your denim from smelling bad in between wearing and washing? - Our bodies naturally produce sweat, which is absorbed by our clothes as we wear them, once the bacteria that is present on our clothes start to break down the components of this substances, they will produce the chemicals  known as  VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are responsible for most characteristic bad odours.

Spraying your denim with a product such as those the Byoms lugtfjerner & opfrisker collection offers might be the best option out there. You can make sure that your denim items keep a fresh smell in between wearing and washing as the probiotics (good bacteria) present in the odour removers will become your best ally against the bacteria responsible of the bad odours. Probiotics fight off the bacteria causing the bad smell, leaving the fabric smelling fresh once again. 

We hope you find these Tips and Tricks useful and that they will help you keep your favourite denim clothes in the best shape for a long time.







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